Breastfeeding friendly outfit

Blouse | Cami | Cardigan | Pants | Shoes

I have struggled to find breastfeeding blouses that don’t break the bank.  What I find best works for me and I can still keep using the clothes I already own is wearing layers. I wear a nursing tank and on top my regular shirt, that way if I’m breastfeeding in public I don’t show any skin.

If you have to do a lot of walking these are the perfect shoes, they are so comfy. And the cardigan is so soft and warm but lightweight.

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He batallado en encontrar blusas para amamantar que no lastimen mi bolsillo. Lo que me ha funcionado es usar varias capas de ropa y así puedo usar blusas que ya tengo. Me pongo una blusa de tirantes para amamantar y encima una camiseta regular, así si tengo que amamantar en publico no se me ve nada. 

Si tienes que caminar mucho estos tenis son perfectos, son supe comodos. Y el sueter es mega calientito, suave y no esta pesado.

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